Transylvania SOTA Marathon 2015

Trip report of the SOTA Marathon in the Carpathian Mountains

Bucegi Mountains


On 13 August we went to the Bucegi mountains. From Busteni we went up by telecabin. An easy walk led to the Costila TV station where we activated YO/MC-009. After another easy walk we arrived at the Omu weather station at 2507 meters. Our accommodation was in a very basic refuge that can be characterised as a zero star hotel. To be honest there was a small hut around the corner where cold beer and hot meals were served. The sky was clear at this altitude and we enjoyed watching the Perseids with two or three palinkas to keep us warm.



Transfagarasan High Altitude Road


Today we did the most beautiful mountain road we’ve ever seen, the Transfagarasan High Altitude Road. Before going down again we activated Vânatoarea lui Buteanu YO/MC-007. This summit was a tough one. Some of us didn’t even make it into the activation zone

Two Romanian Mountain Goats

On Wednesday 11 August we got real value for our money. Close to our Transalpina resort we activated three summits YO/MC-052, YO/MC-050 and YO/MC-078. The three summits were good for a 14 km walk. For those wanted something extra there even was a fourth summit YO/MC-080. Csaba YO6PIB and Zoli YO2BP carefully watched each other, so that they would qualify for Mountain Goat on the same summit. Back in our hotel we celebrated their achievement with wodka and special herbs from the summit.

Mountain Goats

Mountain Goats 2

Margreet’s maiden activation

Margreet’s very first QSO on Piatra Goznei

It was an early start this morning. We split up in two teams. One started at Piatra Goznei YO/WC-207 and the other one at Muntele Mic YO/MC-096. Margreet K2XYL made her very first QSO and she also did her maiden activation. Welcome to SOTA!

Hans en Margreet
PB2T and K2XYL on Muntele Mic

After our activations it was a four hour ride to our lodge in Rânca in the Middle Carpatians. Our old lady (that’s not Margreet but the Volvo S80 with almost 400.000 km on the clock) did extremely well on both paved and unpaved mountain roads.

Foreigners arrived in Timisoara


HB9DST, K2XYL and PB2T have arrived in Timisoara after an uneventful trip from Bratislava. Most of the Romanian team members came to say hello. Before discussing the plans for the coming week we enjoyed a good dinner and some beers at the terrace of our hotel.

Nürnberg to Bratislava


Today we did the second leg of our travel to Romania. From Nürnberg we drove past Passau, Linz and Vienna to Bratislava. Close to the capital of Slovakia is an old air defence site called Devínska Kobyla with summit reference OM/BA-004. On the photo above you can see Paul HB9DST in action. We found ourselves rooms in the Mercure Hotel in Bratislava. Compared to Geneva the prices are extremely friendly. After sightseeing in the old town of Bratislava we enjoyed a traditional Slovak meal.

En route to Romania

Our plan was to leave Ingen, that’s the village where we live, around nine o’clock this morning. When I found out that the solar controller I ordered would be delivered this morning, I decided to wait for it. So we left around 11h30. Because of all the “Baustellen” on the German Autobahn we did not move very fast. But to be honest it wasn’t very bad. It was a very hot day and the temperature as displayed in the car was 43 C. Around 18h00 we arrived at Moritzberg DM/BM-210. After the activation at this 603 meter high summit we had a beer and dinner on the terrace of the small Gasthof near the Hindenburg Tower. After dinner we went back to Nürnberg where we met Paul HB9DST. Paul had come by train. We are now having some nice cold beers on the terrance of the hotel.


route Timisoara

Two of the international participants are from the Netherlands. Hans PB2T and Margreet K2XYL will travel by car and plan to start their trip on 7 August with stops in Nürnberg and near Bratislava. In Nürnberg they will team up with Paul HB9DST. On 9 August this group of international participants hopes to arrive in Timisoara for the kick-off. A blog of the marathon activities will be kept here. Those who want to leave comments need to click the title of the blog.

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